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This residency was designed in a way that allowed for the formation of mounds or art -- the artists worked into each other and their local environments in ways that rust. What is displayed on this page can be understood as gleanings of what took place in the residency. To view the more complex nature of the mounds that emerged please see the curators response

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Môta Soa Môta Soa 

Môta Soa  REVE - RSE

Môta Soa  WE(.)DING


Duduetsang Lamola What Is Rust


Hery Zo Ralaindimby Rusting

Wezile Mgibe and Môta Soa (UN)identified

Hery Zo Ralaindimby and Môta Soa Dont Burn IT

Duduetsang Lamola Take It Slow. But Know That You're Not Alone ft Wezile and Hery Zo

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