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Visual Artist Faith47 on interacting with external spaces from an internal one

Q: Your artworks carry the tactile materiality of what they are created out of, torn wheat pasted signs, stained wood, dripping paint; they feel somehow energetic when you look at them. This seems to be echoed in some of the locations you choose to work in that are decaying with traces of memory that trigger the imagination. It’s almost as if something could happen in these locations, like they could house something. What is it that you attempt to fill them with?


When thinking in metaphor, everything has significance. 


When we see the object as a representation of meaning then language can be achieved through the re- appropriation of form. 

I see ghosts and spirts of times past and future lifeforms embedded into the concrete and worn alleyways of our cities. 

In a sense i am trying to communicate, to reach out and make sense, of things i cannot quite see. 



Q: It seems you might be working into worlds, or bodies of work, produced by themes that have meaning for you, until they are worked out of your being. Would that be a correct assumption?



Yes, A form of evolution and processing of this life. So much complexity around us. 

Pulling us, and its possible to become despondent, confused, pulled and pushed, i myself fall into layers of depression when i am overwhelmed from the forces of the external world. 

So this is really about - Methods for dealing with Chaos. Creating images and objects, interacting with external spaces, from a very internal place. 

It Is somewhat cathartic, therapeutic. For myself, and hopefully at times can stir something in the viewer. 



Q: Over the course of your career you have collaborated with a wide variety of people and maintained several ongoing projects that span the years. What is at the root of working alongside other people for you?


Its refreshing to bring together the skills and mindsets of two people who have different ways of practice, what happens is something unusual for both parties, something a little out of the way. A learning and growing experience for both involved, and some magikal creation not possible if not for the symbiosis of the two. 

Also life is too lonely without community.



Q: What makes a good active partnership? What makes a good collaborator?


hmmmm, probably a certain amount of stepping back and allowing, listening, and giving space at times when you would usually automatically come to your own conclusions. 

If you can both do that then there is a new method of creating created. 

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