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Bringing film and sound-based artists together with their environments to rust


HETSIKA: Virtual Winds

Virtual Residency 2019 with theme Meta Imaginings: Trade As Self-Expression curated by Meghan Judge

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Faith 47

Visual Artist Faith47 on interacting with external spaces from an internal one

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Temandrota and Naty Kaly join Lindiwe Matshikiza's Desert at Willaim Kentridge's The Center for the Less Good Idea

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Festival d'Art Urbain 2016

Local Malagasy and international artists set off to the west to Mahajanga for Festival d'Art Urbain 2016


REK festival and Imaitsoanala residency

The Imaitsoanala residency turns into an outdoor festival of the arts in Ambhoimangakely



A new experimental collaborative residency that acts like salt

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Conor Ralphs

Visual artist Conor Ralphs on the relevance of understanding the history of an artist lead space in Antananarivo

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Dane Dodds: Death

Video and sonic artist Dane Dodds runs a video documentation workshop with the theme 'Death' in a Malagasy context

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Narratives of Gong Fu in Tana

Visual Artist Meghan Judge undertakes a research residency into the history of gong fu in Antananarivo

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Festival d'Art Urbain 2015

Local Malagasy and international artists take to the streets of Antananarivo for Festival d'Art Urbain 2015


HETSIKA: Virtual Winds

Virtual Residency 2020 with theme How To Speak To Isliens curated by Kim Yip Tong


Chief Nyamweya

Graphic Novelist Chief Nyamweya on having a flawless creative plan

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Festival d'Art Urbain 2018

International and local artists meet in Antananarivo for Festival d'Art Urbain 2018

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Festival d'Art Urbain 2017

Local Malagasy and international artists set off up north to Antsiranana for Festival d'Art Urbain 2017

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Festival d'Art Urbain 2014

Local Malagasy and international artists gather in Antananarivo for Festival d'Art Urbain 2014

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